The best toys for 6 year old boys

Choosing a best toys or a gift for a 6 year old boys can be a complex exercise, given the various parameters to be taken into account (taste, sensitivity, product characteristics, etc.). Parents are doing as best they can with the models available on the market.

However, considering that with each new age a child is called upon to initiate a type of development, the choice of games or toys should not be a matter of good fortune.

In this regard, professionals and specialists in these questions draw the attention of parents to the fact that games and leisure must participate in the development of any child .

Here are some toys that will help you find gift toys for your 6 year old boy.

1- Smart watch: a gift toy that 6 year old boys love

Kids Smart Watch with SIM and LBS Positioning

Just because he’s only 6 doesn’t mean your boy isn’t a tech junkie! On the contrary, he likes to have fun with electronic devices. He will therefore discover the different facets of a watch connected with this Smart Watch.

These include the wake-up / alarm function, the transfer of video, audio and photo files between the device and a computer, the dual time display.

Like today, we take selfie at the slightest opportunity, your child will be able to continue this momentum by taking photos and videos directly from the front camera of his watch! The latter is therefore the ideal gift for a 6 year old boy since it allows him to tame technologies while having fun.

2- Camera: a gift toy for a 6 year old boy that will give you all great memories

Give your Kids the opportunity to become a budding photographer or simply introduce him to the world of photography by offering him this very original gift! At 6 years old, the boy loves to imitate grown-ups.

And that’s good because this camera has great similarities with the models used by adults in real life. Even though it is a toy, this device allows you to take a real photo. It will allow your child to increase his knowledge in the field of photography.

It can not only take photos, but also make videos on this very special toy. But as we must not forget to have fun.

3- Marble Run Balls

It is true that little boys like to play marbles. If you decide to give this maze marbles set as a gift to a 6 year old boy , you are sure to make him really happy! Because this game will stimulate his creativity, insofar as he will build the labyrinth himself.

For this, it can be based on the instructions which already contain assembly diagrams. This means that your little one will learn to build something from a plan. It’s very positive for sharpening your mind on logic, while forcing your eyes and hands to coordinate.

As he goes along, he can give free rein to his imagination to create a maze himself that is not shown in the diagram. In short, this game is excellent for developing your child’s creativity, sense of balance, adaptability and logical thinking.

4- Foot Scooter for Kids

Unisex Adjustable Foot Scooter for Kids Toy

Scooters are back in fashion and are in tune with the times. This fun toy will allow your child to let off steam outside with his friends.

As this toy is foldable, it is also easy to transport and store (easier than a bicycle). In addition, it is adjustable in heights, which allows it to follow the growth of your little one. It is therefore possible that the latter borrows it to go to school.

It is also an excellent opportunity to teach him the rules to be respected in traffic as well as some fundamental principles of the Highway Code. Be careful, don’t forget to equip your toddler with basic protective equipment such as a helmet, knee pads, etc.

5- Magnet Building Blocks

For decades, construction games have always fascinated children. If you give this set as a gift to a 6 year old boy , you can be sure he will be thrilled! It is true that this game quickly develops its creativity and its ability to innovate and manipulate various objects.

It is therefore up to him to draw on his imagination in order to find what structure he will build from the elements he has available. This toy is also an excellent educational support since it allows the child to redo geometry lessons in his own way by recreating the different structures he learned at school.

6- Dobble Card Game

Funny High Quality Dobble Card Game

Offer your toddler the opportunity to play with children of his age or even with adults because this develops his level of sociability. This is why this game of observation and speed is ideal if you are looking for a gift to give to a 6 year old boy .

This game puts a lot of strain on his eyes and his memory, which is excellent for his neuromata development and his ability to observe. In addition, as it can be played for up to 8 people, it is possible to use it as an activity during a pajama party, a birthday party, etc. Finally, it should be emphasized that the sense of observation of your little one is sharpened by this game, as well as his competitive spirit.

7- Remote controlled car

Four-wheel Drive 2.4G Remote Control Car Toy

For many little boys, the perfect gift is a remote control car . It is therefore certain that your little child will be thrilled when he receives this powerful car as a gift. The appearance of the vehicle gives it the impression that it is a true off-roader. Moreover, he can play it on all types of terrain (see video), without fear of damaging his toy because it has a PVC shell.

This toy promotes the intellectual development of your toddler, while teaching him to coordinate the movement of his hands which hold the remote control with the information transmitted by his eyes. In addition, it allows him to play outdoors, thus enjoying the sun and the pure air of the garden or the countryside.

8- City series

This toy must be said that with this very realistic construction game, the 6 year old boy can have fun alone with his friends. He can therefore create different police scenarios using the characters as well as the vehicles delivered in the box. This is a great way to encourage him to be imaginative and show his creativity.

The possibilities are endless, because one child can play a totally different story from another toddler. In fact, this games help develop the emotional intelligence of your little kids. In addition, by playing it, the latter can already discover the different facets and constraints of a profession. This is the police helicopter.

9- Gun Toy for 6.5cm Nerf Gun Darts

Realistic Gun Toy for 6.5cm Nerf Gun Darts

Kill two birds with one stone by giving the funny gun as a gift to your 6 year old boy . You make him happy by giving him the toy so coveted by his friends, while allowing him to have fun like crazy! This game gives him the opportunity to run in order to escape from his opponents or to fall on them.

He also emphasizes his dexterity and his ability to aim at a fixed target or movement. What develops his faculty of coordination and his reflexes. At the same time, he learns to hide and imagine different strategies in order to surprise other players and shoot them without them being able to react!

10- DIY Handmade Beaded Creative Toy Kit For Kids

DIY Handmade Beaded Creative Toy Kit For Kids

Beaded stretch bracelets are such a great craft to do with kids. Fun, easy, and every bracelet they make will be a unique creation by them.

This Toy not only keeps children away from TV/computer games, but also help to:

✓ Improve children’s hands-on ability, fine motor skills.

✓ Promote IQ, creativity, imagination, color perception.

✓ Develop kids’ communication skill, self-confidence.

✓ Cultivate patience and concentration

✓Strengthen children’s friendship

✓ Strengthen parents-children bond

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